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Biz Quiz is Sri Lanka's Premier Corporate Quiz Competition!

Open to any company registered in Sri Lanka (except for NGOs, Educational Institutions or any other Association/Company formed for ‘Quizzing’ purposes), Biz Quiz is a General Knowledge Quiz Competition which brings Sri Lanka's top corporates together for an absolutely fascinating and 'Quiz-tastic' experience.

Organised by Dashing Events in Association with the European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, Biz Quiz is now in its second year and promises to be bigger and better. The inaugural Biz Quiz was a tremendous success with nearly 35 teams battling it out to be crowned as Sri Lanka's Mercantile Quiz Champions.

Biz Quiz 2014 will be held on Sunday the 2nd of February 2014 at the Galadari Hotel from 3 pm onwards.

Not only is Biz Quiz exclusively for the mercantile sector, but it will also recognize winners from various categories. The category awards up for grabs at Biz Quiz 2014 include:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • IT/Software
  • BPO/KPO/Telecom
  • Advertising and Media
  • Apparel
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Group of Companies/ Conglomerates and more depending on the entries we receive

The competition will be a table quiz and each team will comprise of 5 members each. This year, we are targeting over 40 teams in total and the number of participants will be around 250. The knowledge expected will be encyclopedic but the questions will be practical ones, providing the opportunity for all participants to enjoy the programme.

Past Winners

Past Winners

Biz Quiz 2013 was a tremendous success with nearly 35 teams taking part. Here are the winners of Biz Quiz 2013.

Overall Winners - DFCC Bank
Runners-up - Seylan Bank
3rd Place - HSBC - HDPL

Category Winners

Banking, Finance and Insurance - DFCC Bank
IT/Software - 99X Technology
Open Category - The Resource Syndicate


Thanks for organizing the quiz. We are pleased to have been participants, and we have no doubt you will put on an even better show next year. We especially liked the questions, which we felt were just challenging enough! There are some quizzes which have questions taken out of old-Soviet Union era physics textbooks which are impossible to answer.
Jayaka Nakkawita, Assistant Vice President - Reconciliations, HSBC HDPL


Thumbs up..... Great event well organized and managed. Thanks for the great trivia experience. It was the first time I participated in a public quiz competition and you guys made it a wonderful experience. Wish you guys good luck and all success in future events.
Shahad Hussein, Asst. Manager Operations - Amana Takaful PLC

It was a great event, brilliantly organized.

Finally...We Won, Thanks Dashing Events for organizing Biz Quiz
Mahesh Widanage, DFCC Bank

Event was great, it was wonderfully organized, everything went really well. Enjoyed every minute of it. We are looking forward for the next year as well.
Ravindu Madanayaka - 99X Technology Ltd.
It was a great event,
brilliantly organized.


If you work for a company in Sri Lanka, chances are you can send in a team for Biz Quiz 2014.

The registration process for Biz Quiz 2014 is pretty simple. All you need to do is download the form available here, fill it up and email it back to shehan@dashingevents.biz.

A short phone call to our Quiz Master Shehan Kumar on +94 727-249324 will also help you reserve a place since we will be accepting only a limited number of teams. So send in your registrations today!

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Finally...We Won,
Thanks Dashing Events for
organizing Biz Quiz

The Quiz Master

The Quiz Master

An old boy of Wesley College Colombo, Shehan Kumar was the Captain of the College Quiz Team and was a member of the team which emerged All Island Quiz Champions in 1997. He was Runners-up in the Junior Masterminds Quiz Competition in 1996 and also led his Company Quiz team to be Joint Mercantile Quiz Champions at the Sri Lankan Masterminds Quiz in 2005.

Shehan is also a Past Multiple District President of the Leo Multiple 306 and is at present the most successful and highest ranking Leo in the history of Leoism in Sri Lanka. He was awarded the Leo of the Year International award in 2005 and went on to win the award for The Outstanding Young Person of Sri Lanka (TOYP) Award for Voluntary and Humanitarian Service in 2006, the first-ever Leo to do so. He was the Charter President of the Lions Club of Colombo New Generation and currently serves as a Zone Chairperson of Lions District 306 A1.

Shehan Kumar is the Founder of The Right Click, Sri Lanka’s no.1 copywriting agency for websites working with many corporates as well as politicians and celebrities both locally and internationally in this specialized area of work. He counts more than 15 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, PR and Communications and Project Management and is also a highly rated corporate trainer on leadership and personal development. He currently serves as the Deputy General Manager of the European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka.

Shehan Kumar has been serving as a Quiz Master for over 10 years and is ranked by many as one of the best and friendliest Quiz Masters in Sri Lanka. His questions are always practical and his quizzes are highly rated as well as entertaining. He is the creator of ‘Biz Quiz’, Sri Lanka’s premier corporate quiz competition and ‘Cric Quiz’ a first-of-its-kind quiz competition exclusively for Cricket Fans while he was a Co-Creator of the SLASSCOM Megamind 2012.

Event was great,
it was wonderfully organized,
everything went really well.
Enjoyed every minute of it.
We are looking forward for
the next year as well.


Dashing Events


PR Wire
The Coconut Grind

Daily Nation
Art TV

Rules & Regulations

1. This is a live ‘Table’ Quiz competition which is open only for companies in the mercantile sector.

2. NGOs, Individual Teams, Educational Institutions or any other Association/Company formed for ‘Quizzing’ purposes will not be entitled to take part.

3. Each team will consist of a maximum of 5 people and the names of these 5 team members will have to be submitted to Dashing Events on or before 5 pm on Friday 24th January 2013.

4. The competition is open only to the first 40 teams who register with the payment. Team registration will be strictly on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. Late entries will not be accommodated. Dashing Events reserves the right to increase/ reduce the number of teams participating as well reject any team whose participation we feel will contradict the objectives of this competition.

5. The maximum number of teams that can take part from one company is limited to 3 teams. But separate registration forms have to be submitted for each team.

6. All participating teams are requested to be at the venue by 3.30 pm the latest, to ensure that the competition commences on time.

7. There will be 5 rounds of questions and 10 questions will be asked in each round. There will be 50 questions asked in total.

8. Questions would cover the following topics:
Round No. 1 - Geography, Country and World Facts
Round No. 2 - Current Affairs and World Politics
Round No. 3 - Europe and Business
Round No. 4 - The Creative Arts, History & Technology (any branch any field)
Round No. 5 - Sports and Entertainment

9. This is a table quiz. The Quizmaster will ask the questions and the team of 5 members shall answer the question collectively and the answers should only be written on the answer sheet provided by Dashing Events.

10. Each question will be repeated twice and will be asked in English. We are sorry we will not be in a position to repeat questions in any other language.

11. 30 seconds will be provided to answer each question. An extra 30 seconds will be provided at the end of the final question of each round for the teams to double-check their answers. The time keeper will sound the bell to indicate the time. The answer sheets will be collected by the organizers after each round. These answer sheets will be marked by a competent panel of judges whose decision will be deemed final.

12. Please note that participants will not be allowed to use books, reference material, mobile phones or any other electronic devices during the quiz. Any team which does not adhere to this rule will immediately be disqualified.

13. No contestant will be allowed to leave their seat during any round.

14. Each correct answer will earn your team 1 point. There will not be fractions of points awarded while there will also be no negative points for incorrect answers. The team which scores the highest number of points out of the 50 questions at the end of 5 rounds will be declared the winners of Biz Quiz 2013.

15. In the event of a tie between 2 or more teams, an elimination process will be conducted in the following manner. All teams that are tied will answer a further set of 3 questions and will be marked as for the main contest. This will be repeated if a winner is not found. Even after 2 rounds of tie-breakers, if the Winners cannot be separated, the trophy + cash prize will have to be shared among the tied teams.

16. Dashing Events reserves the sole right to amend the above rules and regulations if and when required.


Overall Winner

Rs. 60,000/= + Trophy

2nd Place

Rs. 30,000/= + Trophy

3rd Place

Rs. 20,000/= + Trophy

To make this competition more attractive, we will also be awarding trophies to the various sectors winners. The various sectors are as follows.

  • Banking/ Finance/ Insurance
  • IT/ Software
  • Telecom/ BPO
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Conglomerates/ Groups of Companies
  • Others (Pharmaceutical, Apparels, Logistics etc.)

Please note that Dashing Events reserves the right to add, delete or merge any of the above sectors depending on the registrations we receive.

We will also offer Prizes and Giveaways to Round Winners, Table Draw Winners, Raffle Draws and so much more!

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