Victory Kids

Victory Kids come from a young generation who is learning and growing up to be Christ-like under the guidance of the Church. They are the salt of the Earth, flavored, preserved and set apart for God!


Jesus said “Let the little children come, do not hinder them.” All our Victory Kids are brought up with the knowledge that they have the unlimited good God as their forever friend. A Christ-centered teaching is given to the Children’s Church. Our teachers bring the Word to life teaching kids with animated characters, actions, music and dancing. Our Victory Kids are taught in English, Tamil and Sinhala. Children as young as two years old are allowed to be a part of Children’s church and learn about their Father in heaven.


The Children’s Church have a holistic learning experience with in classroom lessons, outdoor activities, field trips, worship seminars, dance programs and drama clubs. Every year our Victory Kids and Victory Youth host a “Praise Fellowship” where the younger generation of Victory Life Church showcases their God given
talents to glorify their Maker.