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Why Choose Us

Centralized location in Negombo

Centrally located in the Negombo city limits is easily accessible to the banks, leading schools, supermarkets, places of worship, the international airport and other venues, which are essential for a modern lifestyle.

Luxury living spaces

Excellent design, that maximizes the efficient use of space and natural lighting, makes apartments at Glisten Rise Residencies appear larger, with spacious bedrooms and living spaces, in addition to abundant lighting and ventilation. The overall design is conducive to fellowship with other residents, while also offering maximum privacy. Apartments are available from 746 - 2,144 sq.ft in extent.

Safety & Security

Walls surrounding the entire apartment complex, 24-hour security with guards, CCTV cameras in strategic locations, video doors accessible by smartphone and other security features provide peace of mind and safety from unwanted intruders.

Features & Facilities

The concept of vertical living is increasingly being embraced by the trendier segments of society, as it offers a time-saving, space-saving, architecturally sound and ecologically friendly option to the urban sprawl.

Glisten Rise Residencies provides all the amenities of vertical living, with luxury and state-of- the-art security, in addition to a sense of community in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

The Rooftop

Terraced gardens with swimming pool, Club House and sun deck offer ample opportunities to relax, unwind and revel in the view of the glorious sunsets of the western coast. This area also facilitates meeting and cultivating friendship with fellow residents.


A fully equipped gymnasium with treadmill, machines and free-weights meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts of varying types, in addition to yoga or aerobics.

Luxury Fixtures & Fittings

Well-Known international brands of fixtures and fittings have been integrated into the design and construction, along with WI-FI and satellite TV facilities available for all residents. Elevators and standby generators add to the convenience and comfort of living in the luxury apartment complex. Personal brand choices can be included, at a different price level, when requested by customers.